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Changed Upcomming EVents Link ( Posted Aug 12, 2010 )
The upcomming events link now goes directly into the UK Warmachine Forum's Events section. Which should keep things up to date without any messy copy and pasting...

RSS Feed added for Events ( Posted Jan 18, 2007 )

It is now possible to get event and news via RSS feed from the website. Event reports were initially added to the feeds but the formatting is rubbish so we removed that feature.

The RSS feeds can be accessed from the menu bar on the left.

Community Section split into three ( Posted Jun 26, 2006 )
The Community page has been split into three separate pages. The number of entries in there had got to the point where the three separate pages was definitely justified.

Website Moved to a Linux Server ( Posted Jun 23, 2006 )
The site is now being hosted on a Linux server. Apparently running the content management system on a Windows server was the cause of the PHP access violation errors that appeared. Running on Linux should eliminate those errors entirely.

Steamroller 2.0 released. ( Posted Jun 23, 2006 )
The Steamroller tournament format has been updated to include Hordes and some new scenarios. You can find the announcement here and the updated rules can be downloaded from here.